With national installation crews and international installation crews and partners, installations of all doors and interlock systems are carefully controlled by our experienced team of project managers and back room staff. This in-house expertise provides complete transparency throughout the design stage (where the most suitable products are selected), the pre-project meetings, the installation phase, the quality control stage, the commissioning stages and finally the handover phase.

All installation crews are trained by our qualified internal trainer, and this applies to classroom training (for new products) and on-site training (when a manufacturer changes a technical aspect of a product). Our internal trainer is also responsible for post-installation quality checks to ensure that the clients requirements are being met on all installations.

Once an order has been received by Actec, a detailed technical submittal is prepared and sent to the client for approval. This gives the exact details of the work being installed and includes data sheets for the components that are being used. Often this technical submittal will be reviewed several times before being eventually approved.

With the approved technical submittal, the Actec team will compile all the necessary materials required for a project from our extensive store and/or from our manufacturing partners. In the unlikely event that a part is not available, this will be relayed back to the client and a suitable replacement will be sourced.

Once all the necessary parts have been gathered together, any background assembly that can be carried out is done before starting on site. This is done to speed up the installation process on site, and any software or drawings which may be required will be prepared at this stage.

With the finished products at hand, the responsibility falls on the installation crews to make sure that the installations are carried out in a smooth, timely, organised manner to meet with the deadlines set by the client.

Upon completion of the works, the installation is witnessed by the client / main contractor and the signed handover document then forms part of the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manual for future reference.

Entrematic Door Automations