Maintenance Programmes

As with any mechanical product, there is a certain requirement for ongoing maintenance. This can either take the form of Corrective Maintenance (CM) or Preventative Maintenance (PM).

Corrective Maintenance is the term given to carrying out repairs to a door / interlock system when its operation has failed. Typically, this would require a callout from one of our maintenance crews who would then be required to repair the automatic door in the event of a malfunction. The downside of using this type of maintenance is that downtime is unavoidable and can be lengthy if there are any replacement parts that need to be ordered.

Preventative Maintenance, on the other hand, gives a schedule of recommended checks and routine services that should be carried out to ensure that the door operates with a minimum amount of down time. The frequency and nature of these maintenance visits would be compiled in conjunction with the manufactures recommendations and the customers requirements. Typically, a door should be checked at least every 6 months, and any changes to the legal requirements of the safety standards should be considered to ensure maximum protection for the customer and for the user of the door.

Based on our extensive experience, we would recommend that all installations should have some form of maintenance plan in place. This maintenance plan simply states how the owner would like to handle issues with the door, and would include:

  • Door reference (to allow the door to be identified apart from the other doors in the building)
  • The frequency of the door service (which will vary depending on how intensely the door is used and its importance to the customer)
  • The nature of the door service (what items are to be checked or cleaned, what adjustments may need to be made, what wear and tear items may need to be carefully examined and replaced if necessary)
  • Whether the clients is planning to hold spare parts for the door, and if so, it details the quantities of the various parts.
  • A schedule of callout rates so the client can have 100% transparency when they engage Actec in a callout to repair a door or interlock system. This would include callouts that happen during normal working hours, evenings and weekends.

To discuss the maintenance of the doors in your facility, contact us and one of our experts will meet with you to create a plan that suits your requirements and your budget.