Airtight Sliding Door ACHM20

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ACHM20 Hermetic Door left
ACHM20 Hermetic Door right

The ACHM20 is an automatic door system (wing and frame) where the wing provides for a partial seal with a specially designed guard.

Super-Silent Operation

All versions of the ACHM20 feature super silent operation, thanks to anti-vibration seals, making them ideal for environments where comfort, silence and a warm welcome are indispensable and fundamental requirements.

Certified Airtightness

The rounded guard and the screwless visible heads prevent dust from building up, thereby making the cleaning process far simpler and more reliable. Electrostatic energy that may have accumulated on the moving wings is permanently discharged through the unique moving earth built into the ACHM20. Automatic doors must guarantee freedom of movement in absolute hygiene and safety for all users without coming into manual contact with the actual doors. The ACHM20 accommodates these needs fully.

Intelligent Controls

Built in motion detectors can be added into the automation, and if necessary can be concealed within the head of the door. Consequently this prevents the usual build up of dust on the outside of the safety sensor, a common problem with standard safety sensor installation. The safety sensors also ensure protection not only in the doorway but also in the side opening movement of the wings, preventing accidental impact with unforeseen obstacles. They are indispensable when stretchers and wheelchairs are passing which may not be detected by traditional photocells.

ACHM20 Hermetic Door Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:

230Vac, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

Max 250W

Door Leaf Construction:

Aluminium surround, HPL panel or Stainless

Motor Control:


Air Permeability Test:

UNI EN1026 – EN12207 Class 1/2

UNI EN12426 – EN12427 Class 1

Duty Class:

4 – heavy duty

5 – very heavy duty


150mm X 300mm X L

Earthing Kit from frame to door leaf:

Resistance < 0.2 Ohm

Max Opening / Closing Speed:

0.5 m/s (1  wing)

1.0 m/s (2 wings)

Door Core: 


Operating Temperature:

+2° to + 50°C

Maximum Safety

Operating Theaters

Clean Rooms

Controlled Environments

Pharmaceutical Industry

Electronics Laboratories

Analysis Laboratories

Applications with heavy door wings

Emergency Room

General Semi-Hermetic Applications