PLC Interlock Controls ACIL50

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ACIL50 PLC Controls

Fully customisable PLC control panel with capability to interconnect with any site specific interfaces and auxiliary equipment to create complete interlocking solution.

Fully Expandable

With the modular interlock controls based on Siemens standard programmable hardware, each control panel can be expanded to control a large number of doors, depending on the exact customer requirements.

Intelligent Interfaces

With the capability of interfacing with BMS systems on site, each control panel can be programmed to provide a wide range of outputs so that the maintenance department always has the full knowledge of what the interlock doors are doing. This includes all various alarm states, such as 2 doors open at the same time, a door being held open for an unacceptably long period of time, a door forced open without the access control system being activated, etc. The ACIL50 can also be connected to the site Access Control system to provide information on the usage of the doors in the controlled environment.

Numerous Configurations

As all software is programmed, tested, commissioned and verified by Actec, any combination of doors and interlock operation is possible, ranging from very simple 2 door material airlocks up to multi-door, multi-rule cascading personnel airlocks with privacy buttons on certain doors, swipe card readers, audible alarms, door automations and so on. Plus, the ACIL50 can be configured to interface with a site specific piece of equipment to prevent a door from operating if a particular machine is working, or stopping the machine if someone passes into the area through the interlocked door.

ACIL50 PLC Interlock Controls Diagram

Technical Specifications:


230Vac I 24Vdc (12Vdc only on demand)

Max Current Consumption:

1A@ 230Vac

Traffic light Output:

250mA@ 24Vdc per door

Lock Output:

1A @ 24Vdc per door

No. of Doors Controlled:

2 to 20 doors

Control Panel Dimensions:

600 x 600 x 200mm typically

Enclosure Construction:

Powder Coated Steel

Working Temperature:

-5° to+ 50° C

Ingress Protection:

IP65 Typically


Hard Wired Connection
Door Status
Privacy Button
Access Control
Auxiliary Equipment


Door Automation Interface
BMS System
Auxiliary Equipment

Benefits of using ACIL50

Very robust assembly
Ease of troubleshooting and expansion at post-installation stage
Easy to follow, comprehensive wiring diagrams
Hard wired connections allow for easy addition of extra hardware
Multiple interlocks can be grouped into one control panel, thereby reducing the cost per interlock system
Large number of doors can be controlled easily
Comprehensive connections to client equipment