Push Button & Traffic Lights ACIL60

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ACIL60-ACIL61 Traffic Lights

Low profile aluminium plate with integrated red and green LED’s, available with or without built in push button, the ACIL60 / ACIL61 are the ideal choice for unrestricted access in a controlled environment.

Compact Design

With the robust construction of aluminium backplate and a hard wearing Polyester front face with built-in tactile push button, the ACIL60 and ACIL61 have a incredibly slim profiles, protruding from the face of the surrounding wall or door frame by just over 1mm.


The unique Autotex polyester film on the front face of the unit consists of a base polyester and a flexible chemically bonded, UV-cured textured coating. This gives the front face an incredible level of chemical, alcohol and chemical resistance plus excellent scratch resistance. Plus, the push button is a tactile dome installed within the unit which means there is nowhere for an ingress of liquid or chemicals, unlike most other push-buttons on the market.

Various Configurations

There are two options available. Each unit comes with a circle of 8 integrated Red LED’s, plus an outer circle of 8 integrated Green LED’ s. The unit can be ordered with an integrated push button (ACIL60) which can be used to release a lock, to request a door to unlock, or to activate an automation, or it can be ordered without a push button (ACIL61) which can be used as a visual display of the status of a door and is typically installed adjacent to a swipe card reader. The push button gives a volt-free output, suitable for connection to any type of auxiliary equipment, and the LED’s are factory fitted with internal current limiting resistors which allow the indicators to be illuminated with either 12Vdc or 24Vdc.

ACIL60-ACIL61 Traffic Lights DIAGRAM

Technical Specifications:

Indicator Power:

24Vdc / 12Vdc

Push Button:

Volt-free Normally-open contact

Push Button Assembly:

12.2mm dia S/S dome


90 x 30 x 1.5 mm


8 No. Red LED’s
8 No. Green LED’s

Working Temperature:

-5°to + 50° C

Chemical Resistance:

Resistant to:
Dilute Acids
Dilute Alkalis
Household Cleaning
Test Method: DIN 42 115


In line PCB with screw terminals on rear-mounted tail


Screw fixings through front face or Self adhesive 3M tape

Options Available

ACIL60 – 8 Red LED’s, 8 Green LED’s, integrated push button
ACIL61-8 Red LED’s, 8 Green LED’s, no integrated push button