Door Leaf Mounted Safety Sensor ACIL80

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ACIL80-ACIL81 Door Leaf Safety

The ACIL80 door leaf mounted safety sensors are fail safe active infrared sensors which function by measuring the distance to any obstacle. They are used on automatic swing doors to prevent doors coming into contact with the users.

High Level of Safety

With a maximum detection area of 40cm wide in front of the door leaf at 2 metres high, the sensors can easily detect obstacles across the entire width of the door leaf, and they can be easily installed on both the push and pull side of the door leaf, and three dimensional protection area makes it particularly suitable for protecting people with disabilities.


The ACIL80 can easily be daisy chained across up to 6 modules to cover the entire door width, regardless of the width of the door in question. Each module recognises when it is part of a daisy-chain and it automatically adjusts its settings accordingly. The advanced design of the hardware and software allows the sensor to easily adapt to all floor types, even ones with high-contrast which would trick other sensors into thinking that an obstacle is present. Examples of the would include highly reflective surfaces such as stainless steel plate, metal grids, water puddles, wet floors, washed vinyl, snow-covered ground, etc.

Ease of Maintenance

Pressing the built in push button once is enough to adjust the sensor for the standard installation heights, and more advanced fine tuning is possible by using the integrated DIP-switches located under the cover. The safety sensor is available in a number of different lengths, including a 350mm long model (ACIL80), usually used on the face opposite the motor, and a 1200mm long model (ACIL81) which can be cut down to fit the motor side of the door.

ACIL80-ACIL81 Door Leaf Safety
ACIL80-ACIL81 Door Leaf Safety

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:

12-24Vac +/- 10%
12-30Vdc -5%/+ 10%

Reaction Time:

64ms (typical)

Number of beams:



Active Infrared with background suppression

Mounting Height:

1.1m to 3m (according to floor reflectivity)


43.5mm H x 47.5mm D x 1200mm


ABS Lens
Aluminium Powdercoated
Body (Black)

Ingress Protection:


Temperature Range:

– 25° to+ 55° C

Cable Routing to Automation:

Typically via PVC flexible conduit


Spotfinder- Used where very accurate protection is required
Rain Cover- For protection of the sensor on the outside of an external door
Fire Door Adapter- For full compliance with certain fire regulations
Multisensor hub- To connect many sensors on the same door without daisy-chaining
Rerofit Interface- When connecting the sensor to an automation that doesn’t support the full features or connection style of the sensors