High Speed Rigid Door ACRD10

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ACRD10 High Speed Rigid Door

The ACRD10 is a fast aluminium door that enhances security by minimizing downtime. Its high-strength panels are designed to be quick and easy to replace in the event of damage. Its unique disc drive technology uses fewer moving parts, reducing wear and ensuring maximum reliability.

High Speed / Low Profile

High speed is important where productivity is vital as it increases traffic flow and reduces energy costs (through educed air and heat loss). The standard ACRD10 has an opening and closing speed of a massive 2.4m per second. The low-profile version of the ACRD10 has a reduced headroom of just 600mm so is ideal for retrofit into tight spaces.


A light curtain built into the side frames can detect the presence of an obstruction and reverse the door. A wireless sensor on the bottom edge of the door automatically stops and reverses the door is it detects an obstacle. The door is also controlled by a very accurate encoder system (rather than the standard limit switch configuration) which means that the advanced control panel knows exactly where the door is at all times.

Ease of Maintenance

Highly engineered side frames prevent air, water, dust, pests and other contaminates from entering your controlled environment when the door is closed. Reinforced, high strength aluminium slats provide the ultimate in security and if impacted, individual slats can be replaced in less than 15 minutes, thereby reducing expensive downtime. The unique drive system has minimal moving parts which ensures greater reliability. The individual components are simple to troubleshoot and cost-effective to replace, ensuring a long operational life with minimal downtime.

ACRD10 High Speed Rigid Door Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Min Dimensions:

W: 1220mm

H: 2440mm

Max Dimensions:

W: 5180mm

H: 4875mm

Opening / Closing Speed:

2400 mm/second (closing limited to 600 mm/second for safety per EN16005)


Galvanised Steel Structure (optional powder Coating)

Door Blades:

Double wall aluminium

Power Supply:

230Vac – 20A Single Phase or Three pHASE

Frequency: 50 – 60Hz

Bottom Edge detector:

Wireless pressure sensor with receiver in door head

Thermal Insulation Coefficient:

4W/m²K (slat)

Compliant Standards

Water permeability: EN12425 / EN12489 Result: Class 1

Wind load: EN12424 / EN12444 Result: Class 3/4 (depending on door width)

Wind Permeability: EN12426 / AN12427 Result: Class 2

Safe Openings: EN12453 / EN12445 Result: Pass

Mechanical Resistance: EN12604 / EN12605 Result: Pass

Unintended movements: EN12604 / EN12605 Result: Pass