High Speed Cleanroom Door – ACRD20

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ACRD20 High Speed Cleanroom Door

The ACRD20 is a controlled environment compatible high speed door with limited air leakage. It’s the ideal choice for airlocks between rooms of different air pressure profiles. The perfect sealing properties of the door provide excellent environmental control while reducing energy usage through elimination of air loss.

Slim Design, Perfect Seal

With its modern design, the ACRD20 is the slimmest high-speed cleanroom door on the market. The patented “LF” “Low Friction” technology, combined with a frequency inverter driven motor, assures a smooth operation. The patented side guides and “Bead” technology limit the air leakage far better than other designs and protect your installations against air loss, dust and dirt, meaning that the ACRD20 is suitable for a wide variety of applications.


User safety is of vital importance when installing a high speed door, and the design of the ACRD20 cleanroom door uses a flexible curtain with no rigid elements, thereby reducing an potential injury risk. Coupled with the wireless detector built into the bottom edge of the door, the door will reopen if it meets an obstacle during the closing cycle. Plus, the addition of the safety beam located 300mm from floor level should eliminate the risk of the door closing.

Ease of Maintenance

The vertical edges of the door fit into a vertical slot to minimise air leakage. Upon impact, the edges of the door will pop out of the slots allowing emergency exit. On the next activation, the door will self-repair and will return to normal operation without any maintenance technician intervention, meaning no repair costs and no downtime. Plus, the low friction technology utilised in the door means that the amount of wear and tear is minimised.

ACRD20 High Speed Cleanroom Door Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Max Dimensions:

W: 4000mm

H: 4000mm

Opening / Closing Speed:

2700 mm/second (closing limited to 500 mm/second for safety per EN16005)


Galvanised Steel Structure (optional S/S or powder Coating)

Temperature Range:

+5° to +40° C

Power Supply:

230Vac – 18A Single Phase

Frequency: 50 – 60Hz

Bottom Edge detector:

Wireless pressure sensor with receiver in door head

Thermal Transmittance:


Compliant Standards

Water permeability: EN12425 / EN12489 Result: Class 3

Wind load: EN12424 / EN12444 Result: Class 1 (depending on door width)

Wind Permeability: EN12426 / AN12427 Result: Class 3/4

Safe Openings: EN12453 / EN12445 Result: Pass

Mechanical Resistance: EN12604 / EN12605 Result: Pass

Unintended movements: EN12604 / EN12605 Result: Pass

Performed Cycles: EN12604 / EN12605: 1,000,000


ACRD21 High Speed Cleanroom Door with deeper overhead canopy and slower opening speed – more economical installation where lower specification is acceptable.