High Speed Freezer Door ACRD30

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ACRD30 High Speed Freezer Door

The ACRD30 High Speed Freezer Door is specially designed for freezer applications. High operating speed and excellent seal allow efficient traffic flow while minimizing temperature variations.

High Thermal Resistance

Optionally, an insulated curtain is available for additional savings on energy cost while also reducing condensation and frost. It forms an extra barrier between warm outside temperatures and cold inside temperatures, and the absence of rigid elements in the curtain and soft bottom edge make the ACRD40 freezer door intrinsically safe. Plus, the patented side frame assembly means that the door can seal the freezer without requiring either a blade or a brush system. The ACRD0 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including Cleanroom, Healthcare, Laboratory, Food Preparation and Controlled Environments.


The ACRD40 is safe for people, products and vehicles, and as it is free of rigid parts it avoids injuries and damage.

Low Maintenance

Low consumption electric heating cables in the side posts of this high speed freezer door reduce frost and avoid downtime. Combined with the self-repairing self-inserting door curtain this guarantees a long lifetime of the roll up door. It also cuts the running costs of your freeze room by operating with automatic and fast door cycles. The tight seal helps with this too as it reduces the transfer of air between warm and cold areas. The use of a frequency driven motor and encoder ensures that the door operates as smoothly as possible, and wearable elements are reduced to a minimum.

ACRD30 High Speed Freezer Door Diagram
ACRD30 High Speed Freezer Door Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Max Dimensions:

W: 4000MM

H: 5500MM

Opening / Closing Speed (Standard Curtain):

2400 mm/second opening

1200 mm/second closing

Opening / Closing Speed (Insulated Curtain):

1200 mm/second opening

1200 mm/second closing


Galvanised Steel Structure (optional S/S or Powder Coating)

Temperature Range:

-30°C to +5°C

Power Supply:

230Vac – 23A Single Phase

Frequency: 50-60Hz


Wireless pressure sensor with receiver in door head Infrared beam 300mm from floor


102mm dia. Steel

2mm thickness

Thermal Transmittance:

6.02 W/m²K

Compliant Standards

Water permeability: EN12425 / EN12489 Result: Class 1

Wind Load: EN12424 / EN12444 Result: Class 1

Wind Permeability: EN12426 / AN12427 Result: Class 1 (depending on door dimensions)

Safe Openings: EN12453 / EN12445 Result: Pass

Unintended movements: EN12604 / EN12605 Result: Pass

Performed Cycles: EN12604 / EN12605: 1,000,000 Cycles