High Speed ATEX Door ACRD50

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ACRD50 High Speed Internal ATEX Door

The ACRD50 High Speed ATEX Door is specifically designed for inside applications in explosive sensitive environments and is officially approved by Apragaz notified body for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Perfect Sealing

All metal parts are stainless steel while non-metallic parts are composed of antistatic or electrical conductive materials, thus avoiding the build up of static electricity that could generate sparks. Operating speed and perfect sealing properties improve your traffic flows and provide employee comfort, environmental control and savings on energy costs.

Wind Resistant

With the patented side frame assembly, wind load tests have been able to achieve class 1 in controlled testing.

Low Maintenance

Fully self-reinserting, the ACRD50 Atex rated High Speed door will automatically reinsert itself in its side guides when the curtain is accidentally hit. This means that there are no repair costs, no prolonged hold open times and no production downtime. Plus a maximum level of user safety is achieved by manufacturing the door with a flexible curtain and no rigid elements – again helping with keeping the repair costs to a minimum. The frequency driven motor and encoder ensure smooth operation at all times and wearable elements of the construction are kept to a minimum. The advanced door control panel is very user-friendly with extensive self-diagnosis programming. This control pane; must be installed outside of the hazardous area. Safety is provided via an infrared barrier 300mm from floor level, and bottom edge detection is carried out via an intrinsic safety barrier.

ACRD50 High Speed Internal ATEX Door Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Max Dimensions:

W: 5500mm

H: 5500mm

Opening / Closing Speed:

1000 mm/second opening

1000 mm/second closing


102mm dia. Steel

1.2mm thickness


Stainless Steel Frame

Temperature Range:

< 1 second

Tailgate detection distance:


Temperature Range:

-10°C to 45°C

Power Supply:

5 to 95% non-condensing

Power Supply:

230V – 18A Single Phase 50 – 60 Hz


Wireless pressure sensor with receiver in door head infrared beam 300mm from floor

Thermal Transittance:


Compliant Standards

Conform to EN13241-1

Conform to Directive 2014/34/EU

Ex II 3 G/D

Ex h IIc T6 EPL Gb

Ex h IIC 85oC EPL Db

Ex db mc ia e IIC T4 EPL Gc

Ex tb mc tD IIIB 135oC EPL Dc

CE 0029 APRAGAZ 16ATEX 0150X/1

Water permeability: EN12425 / EN12489 Result: Class 1

Wind Load: EN12424 / EN12444 Result: Class 1 (depending on door dimensions)

Wind Permeability: EN12426 / AN12427 Result: Class 1 (depending on door dimensions)

Safe Openings: EN12453 / EN12445 Result: Pass

Mechanical Resistance: EN12604 / EN12605 Result: Pass

Unintended movements: EN12604 / EN12605 Result: Pass