Sliding Door Automation ACSL20

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ACSL20 Sliding Door

The ACSL20 sliding door operator is one of the most versatile, safe and reliable door operators on the market. With a slimmer and deeper profile than the ACSL10, it can easily be integrated into an aesthetically pleasing architectural entrance, and its wide range of accessories makes it the ideal choice for all entrances.


The ACSL20 is designed to meet all the demanding requirements for reliability, silent operation and user friendliness. The pre-programmeed control system includes a variety of settings and functions to optimize the ACSL20 operation for your unique automatic entance. With an adjustable hold open time which can be configured to suit your specific requirements, and a built  in interlock function, the ACSL20 is at home in all controlled environment scenarios.

Safety and Security

The ACSL20 is designed with safety and security in mind. Being available in three different safety versions, the ACSL20 complies with all major safety standards for a wide range of door applications including escape routes. All models are compliant with mandatory EN16005 requirements, and the optional addition of extra safety features such as redundant motor power supply and back-up batteries. To comply with the highest level of safety, the ACSL20 is also available as a 2 motor version with the motors working independently of each other. When the first motor fails operating, the second motor automatically starts powering the door. The reverse on obstruction feature immediately reverses the direction of the motor when an obstacle is encountered, and after a period of time the door then starts closing at a slower speed to check if the obstruction has been cleared from the entrance.

Cost Effective

The motor also has an electronic door brake which will slow the door in the event that it is unexpectedly forced open or closed. This unique feature reduces wear and tear and therefore will reduce breakdowns and increase the operational lifetime of the automation.

ACSL20 Sliding Door Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:

100-240Vac, +10/-15%, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

Max 250W

Maximum Door Weight:

(with optional heavy duty rollers):

1 @ 240Kg

2 @ 200Kg

Ambient Temperature:

-20° to + 50°C

Relative Humidity (non-condensing):

Max. 85%


Emergency Unit with backup battery pack

Stainless Steel Canopy

Motion Sensors

Operation Mode Selector

Electrical Locks

Microswitch Kit

Locked door inicator

Fire Alarm connection

Nure Function (for partial opening)

Remote Exit Control

Radio transmitter activation of door for non-contact operation