Swing Door Automation ACSW10

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Cost Effective Electromechanical automation for swing doors offering low-noise operation, making it an ideal selection for entrance doors with installation possible on either the push or pull side.

Powerful Operation

The ACSW10 electromechanical swing door operator is one of the more intelligent and silent swing door operators available on the market. It can be configured to work in either full energy or low energy modes, making it a very cost-effective option for automating a swing door entrance. An optional embedded battery backup and battery monitoring provides the peace of mind to know that the door will operate, even when the power is lost, thereby making it a good option when trying to automate a door on an exit route or on a fire door. It is an ideal door operator for the healthcare, residential, office and public service environment where quiet operation is important.

Intelligent Controls

The door controls include intelligent locking technology which monitors the door position. If it detects that the door has not reached the fully closed position, it will prompt the door to reopen and close again properly. This provides a high level of safety in the event of the door sensing an obstruction as it will reverse the motor to avoid damage. For double door installations, the intelligent double-door functionality of the operator will ensure that the doors will always close in the correct order which is particularly important when automating rebated (overlapping) doors.

Cost Effective

The motor also has an electronic door brake which will slow the door in the event that it is unexpectedly forced open or closed. This unique feature reduces wear and tear and therefore will reduce breakdowns and increase the operational lifetime of the automation.

ACSW10 Diagram
ACSW10 Diagram
ACSW10 Diagram
ACSW10 Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:

100-240Vac, +10/-15%, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

Max 75W

Auxiliary Voltage:

24Vdc (Max 400mA)

Maximum Door Weight:


Lock Output:

12Vdc (Max 500mA)

24Vdc (Max 250mA)

Reveal (Push):

0 – 100mm (300mm with longer telescopic arm)

Reveal (Pull):

0 – 130mm

Door Opening Angle:

80° – 110° (adjustable)

Opening / Closing Time:

3 – 6 seconds (adjustable)

Ambient Temperature:

-20° to + 45°C

Standard Cover:

anodized aluminium with end plates made of black painted steel


Height – 110mm

Depth – 130mm


Extension Unit SI – Used if additional functions are required, such as electromechanical lock, program selector, emergency battery, key impulse.

Extension unit SA – Used if door has safety sensors fitted. This also has a relay output for error or door indication.

Keyswitch – Used to select the operational mode of the door (e.g. exit only, locked, automatic, etc). Can only be used by authorised personnel.

Program Switch – Provides all the functionality of the keyswitch, plus some extra features.

Battery Kit.

Stainless Steel Conopy (Double or Single Width)