Swing Door Automation ACSW20

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Intelligent, Heavy Duty, Electromechanical Swing Door Operator, particularly suited to heavy doors and high demand areas.

Powerful Operation

Thanks to the extremely powerful gear reducer which performs opening and contributes to closing (helped by a spring), the ACSW20 is one of the highest performers in its market segment. When used in conjunction with a push-arm, the ACSW20 can automate a swing door up to 400Kg in weight and 1.6m wide (dependent on air pressure). The servo-assisted motor with spring guarantees a reliable closing movement, while the encoder offers offers perfect control of the movement. Thanks to its strong steel mechanical components, the ACSW20 has been tested up to 1,000,000 cycles.

Intelligent Controls

Operation on double doors is performed by the dynamic controls which offers many possibilities. The operator comes with a large number of operating modes, such as Push & Go, and Power Assist. These ensure that the ACSW20 will meet the various different needs of the market. The addition of the optional battery kit will give safe operation of the door in the absence of any external power. And an optional external LED will give status of the door, which will speed up the diagnosis of any problems.

Cost Effective

Due to the large number of accessories available including arm and shaft extensions, the ACSW20 can easily be configured to almost any application.

ACSW20 Swing Door Data Sheet

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:

100-240Vac, +10/-15%, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

Max 300W

Auxiliary Voltage:

24Vdc (Max 700mA)

Maximum Door Weight:


Lock Output:

12Vdc (Max 1200mA)

24Vdc (Max 600mA)

Door Opening Angle:

80° – 110° (adjustable)

Opening Time:

2.5 – 12 seconds (adjustable)

Closing Time:

4 – 12 seconds (adjustable)

Ambient Temperature:

-20° to + 45° C

(-10° to + 50° C with batteries)


Motor Opening, spring and motor closing


Height – 111mm

Depth – 131mm

Length – 720mm


Security Extension Unit – Used if additional functions are required, such as electromechanical lock.

Safety Extension Unit – Used if door has safety sensors fitted.

Program Selector – Used to select the operational mode of the door (e.g. exit only, locked, automatic, etc). Can only be used by authorised personnel.

Battery Kit.

External LED Alarm Signal Kit.

Microswitch kit to power electromechanical lock in case of mains outage (recommended for fire-door applications)

Stainless Steel Canopy (Double or Single Width)