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ACSW30 Swing Door Corner
ACSW30 Swing Door

The ACSW30 is one of the most powerful, safe and flexible door operators in the market. The super slim operator is designed for silent operation and maximum reliability.

Powerful Operation

Offering silent operation and high performance, the ACSW30 can operate heavy doors up to 250Kg with ease, and ensure a proper operation in a wide range of air pressure differences or tough weather conditions (e.g. heavy wind loads).

Intelligent Controls

The use of clever features such as “Push and Go” and “Power Assist” allows the ACSW30 to be easily manually opened. The optional low energy setting limits the speed and force during opening and closing. Equally, the ACSW30 can be fitted with monitored safety sensors and thereby ensure a safe entance during Full-Energy operation. when the safety sensors detect an obstacle during opening phase, the door stops. When an obstacle is detected during closing phase, it stops and reverses the direction. If a monitored sensor detects an error, the door is automatically stopped and changes into manual operation.

Wide Ranging Applications

The ACSW30 is approved for use on fire doors, both with single doors and double doors (thanks to its unique mechanical coordination unit). The ACSW30 is the ideal choice for almost any application, e.g. in healthcare, commercial or public buildings. And the intelligent self-learning cycle is a guarantee for quick and correct commissioning of the operator, meaning the ACSW30 requires minimal maintenance.

ACSW30 Swing Door Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:

100-240Vac, +10/-15%, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

Max 300W

Auxiliary Voltage:

24Vdc (Max 700mA)

Maximum Door Weight:


Lock Output:

12Vdc 1200mA

24Vdc 600mA

Reveal (Push):

0 – 22mm standard (Up to 367mm with extensions)

Reveal (Pull):

0 – 114mm

Door Opening Angle:

80° – 110° (adjustable)

Opening Time:

2.5 – 12 seconds (adjustable)

Closing Time:

4 – 12 seconds (adjustable)

Ambient Temperature:

-20° to + 45°C

Hold Open Time:

1.5 – 30 seconds

Motor Weight: 



Height – 70mm

Depth – 175mm

Length – 840mm


Backup Battery Pack

Security and Impulse Expansion Card

Safety Expansion Card

Off / Auto / Hold Open Switch

Mechanical Coordinator Kit for fire door coordination with or without power

LED Indicator

Stainless Steel Canopy (Double or Single Width)