Pedestrian Turnstile ACTS10

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ACTS10 Pedestrian Turnstile

The ACTS10 with Ethernet connectivity has been designed to provide an aesthetic solution for entrance control for various market sectors and to meet the requirements of the UL2593 standard.

Secure Access Control

The ACTS10 includes the latest in electronic processing, providing remote control and diagnostics via a standard web browser. ACTS10 retains all of the proven features from this established range of turnstiles including a 32 beam high resolution infrared matrix which offers best in class detection for safe and secure operation.

Accurate Detection

The highly complex range of beams detects and deters tailgates in very close proximity, and the ACTS10 is designed to integrate seamlessly with Access Control, CCTV and whole building management systems. By receiving information from your Access Control system, ACTS10 knows how many people to admit and in which direction of travel. Any unexpected movements of traffic are instantly met with an audible and visual alarm and signals can be passed to your Access Control or CCTV system to acknowledge an alarm condition has occurred.


ACTS10 now features fast Ethernet communications for control, configuration and diagnostics. High build quality lowers the whole life cost of the unit, fewer failures mean lower repair costs and less downtime, and online diagnostics and remote support packages reduces the need for an engineers attendance to every technical issue which may occur. The barriers also open in a smooth action in a door-like motion and open into the footprint of the barrier, thereby reducing the possibility of a user coming in contact with the moving leaf.

ACTS10 Pedestrian Turnstile Diagram

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions L x W x H:

1148 x 168 x 965 mm

Standard Lane Width:

660 mm

Barrier Height:

846.5 mm

Barrier Material:

10mm Toughened Safety Glass EN14179 / ANSI97.1

Barrier Speed of Operation:

< 1 second

Tailgate detection distance:

5 mm

Temperature Range:

5°C to 50°C

Relative Humidity:

5 to 95% non-condensing

Power Supply:

24Vdc – 2.5A

Ingress Protection:

IP20 Internal Applications Only

Optical system performance:

1 person per second

Typical Application:

40 persons per minute

Auxiliary Connections:

Access Control Inputs:

Entry Request Volt Free Contact

Visitor Entry Momentary Contact

Fire Alarm Opto-coupled Input (12-24Vc @ 25mA nominal)

Ethernet Connection via RF45 TCP/IP Port


Access Control Outputs:

Entry Monitor Volt Free Contact

Exit Monitor Volt Free Contact

Alarm 1 Output opening for 1 – 16 seconds

Alarm 2 Output opening for 1 second