Your requirements for the safe provision of power operated pedestrian doors are clearly defined under the European Safety Standard EN16005:2012.

As leaders in the installation of entrance solutions, Actec always recommend to their clients that it’s automatic doors are installed and maintained in the safest possible way possible. With the introduction of EN16005, all installation companies now have a legal requirement to provide equipment that meets the same level of safety. This standard applies to all power operated doors across the European Union.

Since 2002 customers have been choosing Actec to give them the most reliable equipment for their interlock systems and automatic doors, and they have taken comfort from the fact that all Actec engineers are extensively trained and are technically qualified to carry out the work.

The main points of interest that EN16005 raise are

  • The identification of potential hazards which could negatively affect the flow of traffic
  • The clearly defined limits that apply to impact forces which happen when a door meets an obstacle or a user
  • The safety distances which must be considered when designing an automatic door to avoid the door becoming a hazard in itself. There are various regulatory distances that apply to hazards which may be created for trapping a finger, a head, and so on.

By installing the safest possible automatic doors and by considering the nature of the traffic and the environment that the door is operating in, Actec are ensuring that both the client and the users of the door are fully protected from injury and from any potential legal responsibility which will fall on them.

ACIL80-ACIL81 Door Leaf Safety