Actec is proud to be your one-stop shop for designing, installing, maintaining and repair of your complete door automation and door interlock solutions. Attention to detail is what makes Actec stand apart from all its competitors, as well as a great selection of products, close relationships with it’s strategic manufacturers and continuous support for all of our customers.
At Actec our approach is simple. All installations should be designed, installed and maintained with the aim of giving the customer the best product possible, the longest operational lifetime, the minimum amount of down-time, all while giving the customer as much transparency as possible. Particular emphasis is put on the ongoing maintenance of the products which, by placing a suitable preventative maintenance contract in place, will allow full compliance with the customers SLA’s and KPI’s at all times. 
The complete Actec Maintenance offering involves 3 key components:
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Planned Corrective Maintenance
  • Planned Upgrade Maintenance
Contact Actec to see how a custom solution can be created to exactly suit your particular needs.
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